About Your Hosts

Supernatural Circumstances is a podcast for the curious about the unseen, the mysterious, and other incredible things, co-created and hosted by two, true seekers.

The Team

Morgan Knudsen co-founded and began leading Entityseeker Paranormal Research & Teachings in 2003. Her experiences and knowledge have led to researching and co-creating a unique investigative program called ‘Teaching the Living’ and subsequently has been featured on and hosted numerous specials and TV shows (The Discovery Channel, “A Haunting”, T+E, Destination America, The Travel Channel, CBC, CTV, Planete+, TLC, Crime + Investigation, Celestial Tiger networks in China, and Coast to Coast AM). Morgan’s programs are now practiced in 3 different countries and are part of numerous social work and psychology secondary education courses in Edmonton. Morgan is also a regular contributor to the number one magazine in the UK, Haunted Magazine.

Mike Browne’s personal experience as a survivor, his love of storytelling, and his innate curiosity led him to create the awarding-winning Dark Poutine Podcast, with shows released weekly on Corus Entertainment’s Curiouscast podcast network. Since 2017, Dark Poutine has focused mainly on Canadian stories, with a smattering of fascinating tales from around the world. Each week, Mike and a co-host journey inside the minds of murderous monsters and look at unsolved cases, little-known mysteries, the paranormal, and more. Mike is also the author of the much-anticipated book, Murder, Madness, and Mayhem, published by Harper Collins Canada and available for pre-order. You can learn more about Mike and his creative pursuits at his website, mikebrowne.com.

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